16 Propellor Multicopter Takes Flight, Enjoys Downward Dog [video]

| November 2, 2011 | Reply

A company in Germany has had success with a multicopter they hope to sell within a few years. A 90 second flight was completed with no major malfunctions and a safe landing. The makers hope the copter will be able to achieve up to about 30 minutes of flight time in the future. e-volo will continue work on the copter in hopes that it will become “the future of flight” according to the company’s website. I am sure this was purely for experimental purposes, but the only safe landing gear on the base of the copter was a large silver yoga ball. I am not sure here in the great USA that a yoga ball and motorcycle helmet will qualify this thing as safe enough to fly, but you never know! No word on what price point the company would like to debut the machine at. What do you think, did you just witness a historic flight? Would you replace your car with one of these? Living in Michigan with cold, snow and ice I don’t think I could.


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