Berg’s Little Printer: Print Out Web Content in Receipt-Like Fashion [Video]

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Ever found yourself reading your RSS feeds, Foursquare friend check-ins, etc. and thinking to yourself “boy, I wish that I could have this all printed out for me on a receipt-like peace of paper”? Well, Berg Cloud has you covered with their new Little Printer!

Little Printer is exactly what its name says, it’s little and it’s a printer… The device basically allows you to subscribe to any web content that you desire, schedule when you want the information to be grabbed, and it’ll be ready to be printed out once you press the button. For instance, if you’re addicted to keeping up on where your friends have checked in on Foursquare, just schedule the time(s) of day you’d like the check-ins to be captured, and Little Printer will have it all ready for you once you hit the print button. Want to read your daily horoscope or do your daily Sudoku puzzle while you enjoy your morning coffee? Subscribe to the RSS feed and they’ll be ready when you hit print each morning.

The Little Printer connects wirelessly to a small box that’s plugged into your router. The box interfaces with the Berg Cloud, providing constant updates and pulling down any web content you’ve selected. BergCloud already has partnerships with ARUP, Foursquare, The Guardian, Nike and Google, and more are on the way. No word on pricing yet, but the device will be available for pre-order sometime in 2012.

Check it out in action below.


Source: BergCloud Via: Engadget

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