Frugalo: The One-Stop Dashboard for Daily Deal Enthusiasts

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Are you one that can’t get enough of saving money on daily deals? Do you find yourself checking multiple services to find the deals that work for you? Well, Frugalo might be just what you need. is a new daily deals dashboard service that aims to be the central hub for shoppers to consolidate their deal-hunting and reduce the number of notifications they receive in their inboxes from the multiple daily deals services. The service, started by employees Michael Cieri and Scott Reynolds, has three primary functions:

  • It acts as a single point through which consumers can see all of the deals available to them from the various shopping sites on which they participate.
  • The algorithm learns about the consumer based on past purchases, geography, and peer-recommendations.
  • Friends can share their purchases with each other (and the rest of the world if they’d like) and see what each other is buying on the sites, adding the social element that has, in many ways, been missing from Daily Deals.

Frugalo tries to simplify the way that daily deal enthusiasts manage their shopping. It should also bring more business to the deal services like Groupon, Google Deals, and Living Social by broadcasting users’ purchases to a wider audience via social media.

Signing up for the service and getting started is rather simple: You login with Facebook, Import deals that you have already taken advantage of (by allowing the service to connect to your Gmail account), Invite your Facebook friends to join, and then you’re ready to roll. The login (Facebook only) and auto-import (Gmail only) options are limited right now, no word on whether these options will be expanded in time or not. Once you’re on the dashboard you have the option of manually adding deals that you have used by entering the URL of the deal or forwarding your deal email confirmations to

Once you’re all set up, you can simply visit each day to view all of your available deals in one place. On the dashboard it also shows your total savings to-date and your Frugalo rank.

The concept seems pretty solid, and the various deal services should enjoy that fact that it helps drive business to them. We’ll see if it has what it takes to thrive.


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