Google Announces Their New Google Music Store

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As most expected, Google announced their Google Music store today at their special event. Google has convinced three of the four major record labels to hop on-board, allowing them to offer millions upon millions of songs for users to choose from. They officially dropped the “Beta” tag from their Google Music service as part of this release and starting today you can access the store via the web, and they’ve already started pushing out the Android Market updates so that Android users can access the music directly from their phones. The new service offers many similar features of existing music download services, while adding features like sharing via Google+, cool discovery features, and a portal for independent artists to quickly and easily get their work onto the service for mass consumption. Oh, and one important benefit of Google Music is that its absolutely free to use!

Highlights of Google Music include:

  • Cloud access: You can access your music from anywhere at any time. Purchases can be made through your mobile device or via the web. After purchasing, your music can go straight to the cloud if you like to make it available from your phone, PC, or other entertainment device.
  • It’s FREE:  With Google Music, you can store up to 20,000 songs for free without having to ever pay a fee. You’ll obviously have to pay for the music in their store (except for the daily free offerings), but your current library gets a free ride.
  • Exclusive content:  Google Music will have exclusive content from Coldplay, Busta Rhymes, Shakira, Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band.
  • Discover new artists:  Google will recommend music to you based upon your library.
  • Free music: Free songs of the day and other tracks from featured artists will be offered daily.
  • Sharing with Google+:  All of the music that you buy can be shared immediately with your friends on Google+. Anyone that you share with will be able to listen to the entire song or album before being given the option to purchase it.
  •  High quality MP3s: All songs are high quality 320kbps MP3s (as opposed to iTunes’ 128 or 256 kbit/s)
  • Free 90-second preview: You can listen to 90-seconds of any song in order to help you decide if you want to purchase it or not.
  • Artist Hub: This feature is for music artists, obviously, but I feel it’s definitely worth noting. The Artist Hub allows up-and-coming artists to quickly and easily upload their songs and/or albums to Google Music. The artist keeps 70-percent of their list prices and have full control over many options, like whether their work can be shared and played in full for free, and the price of their music. If you’re an aspiring artist and would like to get going with the service, check out the Artist Hub HERE to get started.

Google Music looks like it lines the company up perfectly to compete with the likes of Apple and Amazon in the massive music offerings market. We shall see how it pans out for them.


Google Music store web link

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