Leaked Blackberry Image Appears to be First BBX OS Phone

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RIM announced its plan to develop BBX, a new mobile operating system, last month at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco. Their BBX OS converges QNX, the OS behind the BlackBerry Playbook, and BlackBerry OS, which runs on current BlackBerry smartphones. The OS will be designed to run on devices with large screens and no keyboard, like iOS devices and Android phones. With their smartphone market share continuing to decrease among the likes of Android and iPhone, RIM is hoping that BBX is their ace that drives their comeback in 2012.

The image you see above is allegedly the first image of a BBX phone. As you can see, the edgy design on this phone resembles nothing that we have seen from RIM. Of course, this could just be a prototype that will never meet the light of day, although there have been reports that RIM plans to nix the physical keyboard on the first BBX device(s).

On an interesting note, RIM is under some legal heat regarding the name of the new OS. Basis, a small software provider based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, claims that “BBx” is the name of a software platform that they have already trademarked. The company, who uses the BBx prefix with products that they develop to run on Windows, Linux and MacOS,  state on their website:

“We are fielding numerous customer inquiries voicing their confusion about the RIM announcement,”

RIM says that they have yet to receive a complaint from Basis, but they did make the following statement to CNET:

“We do not believe the marks are confusing, particularly since our respective companies are in different lines of business,

Should be interesting to see what becomes of that…

So what do you think? If RIM released a phone that looks like the one above, would you buy it?


Source: Cnet

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