NeverWet Super Hydrophobic Coating Spray Will Make Any Electronic Waterproof [video]

| November 22, 2011 | Reply

Ok, I have posted about this type of thing before and have yet to see any of it come to market. Golden shellback being the one I remember most. They would take your device and run it through some vacuum with a coating that would make your device waterproof. They even took orders for a little while. Then they disappeared. They offered zero warranty on the coating and advertised it as water resistant, not waterproof. So it failed of course.

This company claims just a  spray can of the stuff will make your devices waterproof. I don’t buy it at all. Especially with the iphone they put in water after only spraying the outside. How is it possible it sealed every tiny hole and crevass on the phone and made it to where not one drop gets in, with just a  spray can? Watch the video and decide for yourself. If it’s real, you will see a lot more coming out about this process. But don’t hold your breath.

Source: NeverWet Via: Technobuffalo

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