Republic Wireless Set To Offer $19 Data, Voice, SMS Cellular Service

| November 2, 2011 | Reply

Would you pay $19 per month for unlimited 3g calling,data,sms? Of course you would. That is what Republic Wireless is banking on. The company will require a special android handset to run on its network that is sub leased from Sprint. The voice and smsĀ  will use a combination wifi/3g voip setup which is why you need a special handset. It sounds like the company wants you to use wifi at any time possible, thus limiting the need for wireless data and passing the cost savings on to you. I have wifi at work and of course at home, so for someone like myself it is a good idea. That depends on the phones they can offer, of course. They are touting unlimited 3g data as part of the deal, which is pretty promising. The carrier is set to launch Nov. 8th so head over to the company website and sign up if this interests you.

Source: Republic Wireless

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