Windows Market Share Dips In October, Mac Gains Again

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The other day while sitting in Caribou Coffee looking around the room there was about a 50-50 split between macs and pc’s that people had been working on. During a discussion about market share, OS security and advantages or disadvantages of owning one OS over the other, I made a comment that globally, Apple shared a 9% market share of the computer business. I guess I was over estimating.

In a study showing market share in October, Apple gained .5% market share on Windows getting up to 6.94% market share. It might seem kind of hard to believe if you are younger or spend any time in coffee shops, but it’s true. It should also tell you how much money there is to be made for PC makers when Apple is the most valuable company in the world and started with computers. Wake up, PC tablet and Windows phone makers. Linux also showed a slight gain in market share over Windows in October, getting up to 1.19% share. If you were Microsoft, would you worry about a .6% drop in market share? If you say no, you should be. As the pc market gets smaller with the tablet revolution on us you need to keep as many consumers as you can. These Windows 8 tablets can’t get here soon enough for MS, and if priced right may have a bigger impact than Android tablets on the market. The Windows 8 UI already looks more gesture friendly than Honeycomb.

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