DROID 4 to Replace DROID 3 on December 8th (UPDATE: Maybe)

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Images and details on Motorola’s DROID 4 were released a while ago, and there have been rumors of a late-December launch for the device – but now it looks like it will be arriving sooner than expected, replacing the Droid 3.

Engadget received the screenshot below from a tipster showing, among other things, that the DROID 4 is set to launch on Thursday, December 8th, and the Droid 3 will be going bye bye.

The D4 will have a 4″ screen (LCD or AMOLED?), 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, DROID RAZR styling, 5-row slideout keyboard, 4G LTE, front camera for video chatting and an 8MP rear camera.

As you can see from the first image, there’s also mention of stores receiving signage and such for the Galaxy Nexus, lending some credence to its rumored launch of December 9th. It also shows that the White DROID RAZR was launched today, December 6th, although it is not yet listed on Verizon.com.

EDIT: We have also seen some screenshots showing the Droid 4 to be released December 23. It would make more sense seeing as there hasn’t been a word anywhere about a new Droid from Verizon. They are usually all over the Droid line.

Source: Engadget Images: Engadget, DroidLife

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