Galaxy Nexus Launches A Week Early In Germany, Points And Laughs At Verizon

| December 1, 2011 | Reply

If there were any doubt that Google and Samsung weren’t really behind the delay of the GalNex, this should help clear things up. The phone was set to debut next week for German customers and instead has shown up in stock today. The cost is pretty high ($700 or so) but there is no contract required for that price either. Here in the US, we have no pre-order or release date announced by big red. Is the delay in trying to lock the phone down? Could it be 4g issues? Maybe Verizon is trying to milk out every last second for people to buy a Droid Razr that seems to be a disappointment in sales? Who knows, but it sucks and Verizon has a terrible track record for this type of thing.

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