Google Releases Currents: A Magazine-Like News Reader for Android and iOS [Video]

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Today, Google introduced their new news reader app, Currents, for both Android and iOS devices. Currents aims to give readers a more magazine-like experience, when digesting their favorite digital content, than you might get with standard news reader apps. It presents users with content in the form of a clean, swipe-able layout, and is clearly designed to match the look of Google’s latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. The app, formerly codenamed “Propeller”, will undoubtedly be going head to head with another wildly popular reader, Flipboard.

Aside from its clean, magizine-like presentation, another feature that aims to please users is off-line reading. The app automatically caches, at an interval that you can adjust, all available content from each publication that you subscribe to. This feature ensures that readers will always have their favorite publications’ content available to consume, even if you find yourself with no data connection, without having to think about it and plan ahead. It comes loaded with subscriptions to launch partners 500px, Forbes, Fast Company, The Daily Beast, Saveur magazine, and GOOD Life in your library – And other partner publications are easily loaded by tapping the Add more button and finding them under their respective categories. In addition to the pre-loaded publications, ¬†- You can subscribe to public Google+ feeds and any RSS feed – You can import your Google Reader subscriptions, as well.

Currents was designed with publishers in mind, as well. Google has provided publishers with a slick self-service tool, Producer, that allows them to dictate what content is available. They can add different sections based on category, including content like YouTube feeds and Google+ feeds. There are also tools that allow publishers to modify the way that their publication looks in the app, giving them the ability to customize colors, add logos and banners, and more.

You can download the app right now in the Android Market and in the iTunes App Store. Of course, you probably want to check out the nice video below that gives an overview of the app, first, though. Oh, and if you grab the app, make sure to do a search for “gizmoninja” and add us to your subscriptions! :)

 Download Currents: Android Market Link | iTunes App Store Link

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