Have a Galaxy Nexus? Find Out Here Where You Can Use Google Wallet.

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Many who picked up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus were disappointed that Verizon isn’t playing nice with Google, not allowing them to include Google Wallet on the devices. A lot of people were anxious to find a way to get Google Wallet on their phones, and it was inevitable that some developer somewhere would get it working.

The day following the US Nexus release, somebody over on XDA posted a zip file that rooted Nexus owners could flash in order to get their Wallet fix. On Sunday, an apk that you can install just like any other app became available on XDA – no root needed. If you want to get Wallet on your device, see the link below.

Now, once you have Google Wallet installed, the free $10 credit to your virtual Google Prepaid Card (yep, they give you a free ten bucks!) that you’re given just for signing up for it will be burning a hole in your pocket – But where can you use it? Have no fear, Google has provided a handy little tool on their Google Wallet site that allows you to enter your zip code in order to see all retailers in your area that allow you to utilize your cool new ability to pay via tapping your phone.  It also lists the online retailers who accept it, but I’m sure everybody really wants to do it in-store like all of the cool kids. Hit up the source link to find out where you can use Google Wallet in your area!

UPDATE: You can also try the MasterCard PayPass Locator app in the Android Market. I’m seeing some comments that say the app directed them to locations where you actually can’t use Google Wallet, though, so use at your own risk! Market link below.

XDA: Google Wallet (rooted or unrooted)


Source: Google Wallet: Where it works, MasterCard PayPass Locator

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