Missing Out On A White Christmas? Make Your Own Snow With This DIY Snow Machine [video]

| December 23, 2011 | Reply

Here in the Midwest it’s been an interesting late fall/winter. We have had almost no snow and mild temps compared to what it is usually like in December. A lot of people come in my office and make some comment about “No white Christmas this year eh?”. Well, I have an answer for them. For about $150 you can build your own snow machine that might surprise you when you see the amount of snow it will put out. This isn’t to be confused with the snoopy snow come machine which is cheaper and cooler. In a matter of hours you can fill your yard with some fluffy goodness. It would be kind of neat for your kid to wake up and be surprised to have some snow to jump in. He would be the cool kid on the block for sure. The process isn’t very hard and you can pick up all the parts at your local hardware store. I would imagine about a 2 hour build time if you are being careful. After that you can enjoy the snowfall. Personally I would somehow get this thing on the roof so it looked like it were actually falling. Either way, if you get bored and want to try to make it rain snow then watch the video and head to the link for step by step detailed instructions.

Source: Instructables

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