Sharp Introduces Very Thin 12MP Camera Sensor For Mobiles, The World Hopes Motorola Is Watching

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Motorla makes some great phones. The Droid Razr is gorgeous. The original Droid was great. The Droid X was the first 4.3 inch phone for Verizon. But they all have had one thing in common: A crap camera. For some reason Moto has kind of fallen behind the rest of the world in terms of it’s mobile camera selection. It’s probably because most people don’t care much for what camera is on their phone long as it works. This way Moto can shove some old tech in the phone to save some money and still charge you a premium for it’s product. Companies like Samsung, HTC and Apple have all come with high res, low fstop cameras that blw away Motos 5 or 8mp selection.That being said, a new phone camera introduced by sharp today may be seen sooner than later in a mobile device. The sensor is only 5.5mm hthick and checks in with 12 megapixels and built in image stabilization. Production will be ready as soon as January and OEMs will get samples this week. Sounds like a nice fit into a new Razr style phone built to compete with the Nexus don’t you think? The bad news is this camera alone will cost manufacturers about $150 each. So it may take a while for cost to come down before it is very affordable. Whatever manufacturer ends up using these in phones it should mark a big step in mobile photography.

Source: Techcrunch

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