The First Phone Upgraded To Google Ice Cream Sandwish Is…The Huawei Honor

| December 12, 2011 | Reply

As if it weren’t enough to know that Canada has the Nexus before the US. And that some lucky people were able to slip into Verizon or Best Buy and snag a Nexus, now this. Chinese manufacturer Huawei has uploaded a demo build of Android 4.0 for a device on it’s support page. That’s right, it’s not a leak or something they are against. The company actually wants people to get the software as soon as it is available. The source code for ICS has been out about a month now and this company is all over a speedy update. It’s a good thing Motorola and HTC are looking at a 6 month time frame. We totally bought the idea it would take that long to do extensive testing and development. And by testing I mean sell other phones with the OS before you get around to satisfying existing customers. I will link you to the page, but it’s a translated version so it may not make a lot of sense.

Source: Huawei Source: Engadget

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