Think The Torrents You Download Are Anonymous? Think Again. This Website Can Show What You’ve Downloaded

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Torrents are widely thought of the safest way to download files online. As a big tech nerd, I know that’s not the case. Probably the easiest and best way for most people is to use newsgroups for downloading. It’s not as popular or as simple of a process but is much faster and more secure. Most people using torrents don’t even bother to get behind a proxy or use a VPN.

*You have downloaded* is a site that will show you how a torrent is linked to your specific IP. When you head to the site they will throw up a list of torrents you have downloaded from a particular computer. Don’t worry, they aren’t reporting things to your ISP or authorities. The site just wants people to be aware of how carelessly they are being with their downloads. For some statistics, the site has records on over 52 million users. That brings them to almost 2 million files they have record of and 110,000 torrents. Chances are if you have downloaded a torrent it will report on the site when you go. The site doesn’t branch off into dynamic IP’s so many of you may show nothing, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be traced.

Source: youhavedownloaded Via: Lifehacker

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  • Beesley says:

    Private Tracker + Peerblock FTW “Hi. We have no records on you.” haha

    Nice post tho, neat site.