TSF Shell Pro Looks to Be Your Next Favorite Android launcher

| December 13, 2011 | 5 Replies

There’s no shortage of great third-party launchers for Android, and TSF Shell Pro looks to wow you with its cool visual effect and become the next great one. The Special Forces (TSF) is the group behind the “new homescreen interactive experience”, and what they have so far includes some pretty impressive features.

The launcher transforms your homescreens into a highly interactive environment with 3D-like visual effects, slightly akin to SPB Mobile Shell, but maybe even more impressive. Notable features include:

Quick Screen Switcher

  • Customize screens and position freely icons/widget
  • Tap or slide to switch

3D Widget

  • Music player, contacts, notes, weather forecast…
    etc. Unique interactive mode and animation are
    created for your original experience.

Folder Boxs

  • Various management and view modes,
    tapping/fanning out to open folder boxes,
    individual/multi file selection and lasso tool.

Pop up menu

  • Use the lasso tool to activate the pop up menu to
    realize auto arrangement,create new folder,
    multi selection,gathering icons or delete icons.

Quick launch bar

  • To keep commonly used applications
    and contacts that can be opened
    quickly on every screen.


  • To download new widgets,
    decorations and latest updated
    application versions.

Right now, the software is in beta and you have to join their standard testing team in order to try it out. This involves downloading an apk that apparently collects your device hardware information to your phone, submitting the collected info to TSF and waiting for an email. If you’re interested in this, hit up the source link. Below is a video demo of how the launcher looks/works.

UPDATE: As Pixelplayer noted in the comments below, TSF Shell Pro bares a striking resemblance to the launcher, TAT Home, that TAT was working on prior to being purchased by RIM. After watching the video below, check out this video of TAT Home and look at the similarities, especially the “Widget Fan” near the beginning.


Source: TSFUI.com

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  • Pixelplayer says:

    China has done it again! A shameless copy of someone else’s work published as their’s. Check out this homescreen concept movie produced by TAT (now part of RIM).

    • Todd Tabern says:

      Haha yeah Pixel, I remember TAT well. Been a while since I’ve seen the TAT video, so didn’t realize how strikingly similar this is to what they had in the works. Definitely a rip-job, but still pretty neat! I’m sure Android fans are keeping their fingers crossed that an Android competitor doesn’t buy up these guys as well! Thanks for the comment!

  • camilo says:

    hi i like download this apk but i cant… can you help me whit the link? thanks and excuse my english. if you can, please send me the link…. kenshinunal@gmail.com

  • benkhelif says:

    Hello, i would test your home screen so nice et so fluid

  • Kantapat says:

    Dear sir
    I use Samsung Captivate 897 and ICS 4.0 so i can’t load it for test when i check found it use for 2.3 so if i don’t version to test it but don’t sure this can use on my device or not.
    Are you has beta version or not for testing

    best regards