Verizon to Start Selling Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Thursday, 12/15

| December 14, 2011 | 1 Reply

Ok, so as we’ve stated in the past, we’re not wild about posting rumors without any type of solid source… With that said, we feel that there’s enough evidence out there that point to this one being true.

According to multiple sources (some of whom are close, trusted sources), both at Verizon and other retail establishments, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will begin selling tomorrow, Thursday December 15th. There are still a lot of stores that are saying “no” or “we can’t tell you” right now, but most evidence is pointing to the contrary. As far as availability in numbers, we’re hearing most stores have around 30-40 in stock – It’s yet to be seen how quickly these will leave the shelves, but it’s probably a good idea to get to your local store early if you are really wanting to grab one of these bad boys. The price with a 2-year contract should be $299, while off-contract pricing looks to be at around $650.

Now, we still have this story marked as “Rumor”, because nothing is certain without official word from VZW corporate – But we’re feeling pretty good about this one becoming fact.

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  • Jayson Wright says:

    Best Buy in Milwaukee told me to be back at opening in the morning (12/15). The Manager told me “unless something else happens between Google and Verizon again (referring to the “Wallet” issue) they WILL be selling the phone tomorrow!!!! We shall see……..