Why the Galaxy Nexus is a gigantic disappointment.

| December 18, 2011 | 31 Replies

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already got the device and you’re looking for reviews that justify your purchase when deep down in your heart you know it’s crap…

We heard rumors, we waited. I for one, didn’t expect all that much from it… but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was excited to own my first Nexus device. I had no reason to change devices, and on paper the Nexus had specs I was less than impressed with, but I figured it’d be worth it just to have an OEM unlockable bootloader. Well, I was wrong, it’s not worth it, this phone sucks, and here’s why….

First and foremost.. a Nexus is a pure Google experience device. Did Google make “My Verizon Mobile”? No? .. Is it on the phone? Yes? … Then it’s not a Nexus. Period. It’s just a phone borrowing the Nexus name to help cover up it’s mediocrity.

For those that haven’t seen it before, it’s large. Really large. Too large. It’s clunky to hold and the width and slipperiness of the device make me know it’s going to take more than a few tumbles on the¬†asphalt. That happens, and usually I’m alright with it.. bummed, but alright. Since any new device is eventually going to be dinged and knicked… I try to not obsess about it.. because nothing stays pretty forever. In this case however, the chinsy plastic and huge glass surface area is sure to make for an unhappy day in the event of a spill. Whatever. It’s a phone. It needs some kind of chassis, and it needs to be somewhat cost effective. I get that. So… no big deal.

The screen blows. Period. I don’t understand all the freaks on the internet going off about how this is the greatest screen ever on a mobile device because it’s 1280


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  • Lolol says:

    What a terrible post. Not even a review just straight up nexus bashing. I don’t think I’ll be following this site anymore.

    • Zack says:

      When it comes to properly describe Galaxy Nexus, a piece of shit or a big disappointment are really nicest ways to put it. I am sorry that you lost your money on something that doesn’t work properly. But my advise to you is: get another phone and stop bitching.

  • Brian says:

    While I’ve been hesitating to buy this phone I’ve actually heard plenty of disappointment from people I myself know that own the device. Also, Verizons LTE version will almost always be months behind its GSM counterpart. Verizon will be held responsible for pushing its updates, not google. Sadly, because it’s on Verizon, it isn’t a true Nexus device to me either, seeing what they’ve done to it.

  • Fuck You says:

    What a fucking prick!! I would comment in a professional manner but I see this shitty site waved goodbye to that when they hired this asshole. Android isn’t that wonky it was good enough for iOS to rip off its notification UI. I do agree with the mass storage & VZW crapware but the review was shit and the reviewer shittier!

    • Frank says:

      You sure have a potty mouth. I guess thats because you eat out assh0les for a living eh? His review is dead on, let me put it a way you would understand – the phone sucks chocolate salty balls, a dish I am sure you are familiar with.

  • adam says:

    I love you.

  • Subin says:

    Go fuck yourself u motherfucker. Ur whole review is a shit. Go get a life. I think you like being a shit. Do u love eating shit. I’m sure you do.

  • Todd Tabern says:

    Wow such anger! I guess some dont like to hear opposing opinions. Let me say that Luke’s feelings on the device dont reflect the opinions of our entire staff. Many of us have the phone and love it. With that said, this is an editorial (as the title states). Its not a comprehensive review. Not everybody is going to love this phone, and that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no point in getting worked up over one’s opposing view.

  • Luke MacNeil says:

    What do you want a ‘review’ to be? Want me to list the specs, copy pictures from other ‘reviews’ and spit out the same ‘safe’ non-opinion? I think this phone sucks, and I’ve outlined exactly why. That’s all there is to it. I got tired of saying the same thing over and over to everyone that asked my opinion of the phone, so I wrote it down. If you can deal with that suck ass AMOLED screen, you can deal with this editorial.

  • Shay says:


    Dude I don’t know if your wife left you today or what but your a complete moron. First off you can’t even put a picture of the Galaxy Nexus on your stupid post but you post a Nexus S, to me maybe you don’t know nothing about the phone if you can’t even get the picture right. Second, all of the Verizon Apps can be deleted unlike other Verizon phones. I deleted everything Thursday morning 5 minutes after activated it. Third, the screen is beautiful. I came from an iPhone 4 and I can honestly say that it is clear, crisp, bright, and HD videos look amazing. Fourth, Who really cares about an SD card. We all want them on our phones but why? When you take your SD card out you usually insert it into your computer to access the files. What is the difference between that and plugging in your cable and transferring files? I transferred tons of pictures, music, and some apps without any problems. So, your whole post is your moronic, stupid, waste of time way to bash a truly nice phone. The only thing that I don’t like about the phone is the fact that the 3.5 headphone jack is on the bottom of the phone. Other than that this phone is everything I would ever want in a phone and you are a FUCKING JACKASS!!!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • bograma says:

    That’s all? That’s your review? The phone is slippery and the screen “blows”? Hahah Get real. I have the Nexus and it’s awesome. At least I am waiting a few weeks before writing my review. And it’s gonna be a proper one, unlike yours. That’s just your 2 bit opinions and they worth shit written in the manner above. Don’t bother in the future.

  • Craig says:

    This isn’t a review. There is no absence of subjectivity, and there is no devil’s advocate.

    The fact is, my friend, you’re opinion alone doesn’t constitute a valid review. Plus, your incessant use of slang is an unpleasant occurrence.

    Once again a small minded American believing that the product he/she has just purchased is “USA centric”. Open your eyes sheltered one. There is life outside your pitiful shores

    The Galaxy Nexus in Europe for instance (The UK for me) is not branded by Verizon or indeed any UK-specific carrier. It is, as intended, a GED phone with Google branding. What Verizon does with your devices does not become the de facto standard elsewhere simply because you state it.

    Depending opn the phone you come from, the Galaxy Nexus is either a moderate step up with a few urks but many new tweaks, or a monumental stride forward with a screen and features you previously never dreamt of. It’s all relevant my short sighted American friend. I came from a NExus One, and my Xoom, and I am incredibly happy with my choice. ICS is buttery smooth, the screen is, contrary to your damning verdict, beautiful.

    Try and take a less “balshy” and blinkered view of things before ranting and attempting to pass your opinion off as a balanced review.

    It’s not.

  • Dave says:

    Pictures, you cant even get the one picture correct, your displaying a Nexus S for Christ sake, as for the Bit on the Verizon app. thats got nothing to do with Google, if you dont like it got to another vendor.

    As for the size, you must have Girly hands, its not to big, and the slipperiness of it is just fine, maybe you should stick to a BB as it sounds like its just about simple enough for you.

  • Luke MacNeil says:

    Sorry, it’s all one big typo. What it really was meant to say was … “zOMG WAOAH NEXIS IS AWERSOME!”. Picture is a mistake, I’ll fix it, but my comments stand. If you like the phone, good for you. I think it’s shit.

  • Todd Tabern says:

    I’ve changed the title in an attempt to alleviate the “this isn’t even a review” comments. You guys are right, it’s NOT a “review” – It’s Luke’s rant on what he doesn’t like about the phone.

  • Hank says:

    After reading this article, the next obvious step was to remove this site from my favorites and unfollow you on Twitter.

    • Todd Tabern says:

      Sorry to hear that, Hank. Good luck in finding a site that only publishes stuff that you agree with.

      • Hank says:

        It’s not that. I read sites like BGR that are very biased and praise anything that Apple does, but this article was just angry.

        • Todd Tabern says:

          I understand that, Hank. Like I said before, it’s just this one guy’s opinion on the device. I don’t know how long you’ve followed us, but if you have for any length of time I think you’ve probably noticed that we’re generally pretty pro-Android. Sorry if this post was enough to make you un-follow.
          This is not intended to be our official review of the device by any means. Several other GN staffers have the Nexus as well and are thoroughly pleased with it, our comprehensive review is coming soon.

          • Luke MacNeil says:

            Also note that I am not praising apple, or anyone else here. I’m chastising the much hyped, much anticipated Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and with what I consider good reason. Yeah. I’m angry. I wanted it to be something that it isn’t, as I always do.. but this device fell so far below my expectations that I have very little good to say about it. You want to hear a rant? Ask me about Gnome 3 or systemd and you’ll get the same passionate hatred.

            There are many reasons outlined above that I dislike the Nexus.. It is not a blanket “This sucks because it sucks” type of article, I outline very clearly my very specific points, all of which are valid.

            If that’s enough to make you or anyone else shun an entire news venue, then you’re clearly the generation that grew up with no winners and losers, where everything is great and it’s unacceptable to question or disagree against anything with a clear and articulate argument.

            Agree or disagree.. this is how I, Luke MacNeil, feel about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. My opinion is worth about as much as you paid for it. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Josh says:

    I do agree this phone is crap. I waited & waited & waited for this phone & when it finally came to Verizon I decided to check it out. I couldn’t believe how choppy & laggy this phone was. I was extremely disappointed in this phone. Maybe they need to get the bugs outta ics, idk. I do hope next years nexus has a lot higher build quality & fixes these lag issues

  • suky says:

    Had the phone over the weekend, expected something better. Returned today, just too many things it can’t/won’t do. It is slow, weak signal, poor display,camera sucks, stock email can’t be set for peak hrs, notifications are buggy, screen goes off and on when entering code checking voicemail, ……..I could go on and on. Luke is spot on with his remarks.

  • molly says:

    Dont listen to these mother fuckers. This phone is a piece of shit .

  • Justinfate says:

    I was looking for some honest opinions about this phone since the only reviews I have seen seem too positive to believe.
    I came upon this site and read this opinion and to me it seemed well written and had valid points that I wanted to know.

    And seriously they way people have shot this guy down because of his negative review really makes me believe there are serious problems with this phone, anyone who becomes this angry at a simple opinion must own this phone and are now so disappointed by it that they need to vent on anyone who makes them feel the slightest bit bad about their decision.

    Thanks for your honest opinion, I think I will stay away from this phone, not because of your article but mostly because of the viciousness of the responses here.

  • Gabe says:

    Your abseloutly right! ive owned a samsung gs2, google nexus, iphone 4 and had this for a week and thought it was terrible, i took it right back and got a 4s and im glad. i guess ill wait for the iphone 5 and sgs3!

  • Mike Madsen says:

    You’re wrong. This is a great phone. K, thx bai.

  • This website sucks says:

    Holy shit what a pathetic article. This phone is great. The author of the article is too busy sucking his own dick to figure that out.