GPS Enabled Shoes Debut For Your Crazy Uncle, Grandma, Or Boyfriend

| February 2, 2012 | Reply

Everyone has a crazy relative. Whether it is caused from just being crazy or the difficulties of aging, we all have batty people in our lives that could disappear at any time. And some people just have to know where someone else is at all times.

Good news for all of the above! These GPS enabled shoes can update you every 10 or 30 minutes on the whereabouts of who is wearing the shoes. This is particularly useful for people suffering from mental illness or dementia. the good news is that it will probably work well for that. The bad news is the shoes only have enough power for about two days without needing recharged and the setup isn’t exactly cheap. The ugly velcro shoes are $300 then a monthly fee of $35-$40 will also be charged. There are some other ways of adding GPS tracking to people but they may not be as discreet and widely used as shoes. Hit the link below for some more info and an interesting tinfoil hat type statement about personal freedoms.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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