30 Million NFC Enabled Phones Shipped In 2011, Still Nobody Using NFC

| March 27, 2012 | Reply

NFC Is a great technology. It cam be used for all kinds of things like wireless purchasing. News is out that 30 million devices with NFC enabled were shipped last year, yet I never see anyone using it. Why is that? I believe a few reasons. For one, most people don’t understand what NFC is or can do. Secondly is that a service such a Google Wallet is not easy to use and requires more work than just sliding a card at this point. On top of those issues, it would require vendors to spend the money on technology that can accept NFC payments and training for salespeople to accept them correctly. There are some apps tha use NFC as well, but none that people consider must haves. NFC was a hot topic on the new Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet when the phone was revealed. Now it is barely mentioned because Verizon, the sole carrier with the Nexus for now, wont allow Wallet. Hopefully the next iPhone will have NFC that isn’t proprietary because that will make some progress on the technology as retailers will feel more pressured to install easy NFC payment methods.

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