A New Drug Has Been Discovered That Could End All Cancer Deaths

| March 27, 2012 | Reply

A Protein named CD47 is one of the root causes that makes cancer take such a toll on the body. What the protein does is tells your body not to destroy healthy blood cells. While that is very good, cancerous tumors use the same protein to tell your immune system not to destroy the tumor. Doctors have recently discovered a single drug that can block the protein which then allows your immune system to do the work and kill the tumors.

Some healthy cells are attacked while using the drug but the effects of that are short-term and have far less of an impact on the body compared to cancer. As of now the testing has only been done in rats but it has proven to shrink almost all tumors introduced. It will still be quite a while before this drug hits the market if it is successful, at least a few years. I hope that testing goes well in humans and one day getting cancer is more like getting bronchitis than it is a life changing event. Cancer being gone within 20 years or so would be one of the biggest breakthroughs in technological history.

Many new possible cures seem to take the life of alternative energy breakthroughs, battery breakthroughs and water on other planets. We read it and get excited then nothing is heard again.

*NOTE: Photographed is my beautiful friend Wendy. She has been touched by cancer like many people you may know. Or maybe you have experienced cancer yourself. Wendy has done an amazing job of kicking cancers ass to date, but not without pain and loss. Thank you for letting me use the image and for being a great woman in general. See you soon!

Source: National Academy of Science

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