Apple Announces the New iPad. Not Named iPadHD

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While we are busy watching the presser for the New iPad, I will throw down some stats for you. The new ipad will feature the Retina Display technology as found in the newest iPhone and will come in at 2048×1536 which is higher than any 1080 display of course. The A5x quad core processor is said to be twice as fast as the Tegra 3 processor that is the hotness on all Android tablets right now. This processor will still allow 10 hours of battery life and 9 hours when connected to a network. What network? Oh, just about any. The new iPad will run on world band 3g, HSPA+, and LTE. This will give the top speed of the iPad while mobile a whopping 72Mbps. There are separate iPads for ATT and Verizon LTE and the ATT variety will be the faster of the two. There will be the same camera in tow as the newest iPhone as well sporting the 5MP backside illuminated shooter with 1080p recording. The camera will also feature a software based anti shake for moving video which seems to work well. Apple has also added a microphone button at the bottom of the keyboard for voice dictation across the OS. The size and weight are slightly larger coming in at 9.4mm and weighing 1.4 pounds.

Price and availability are as follows. The iPad in all forms and sizes will be available in many countries including the US on March 16th with pre-orders starting today. For the wi-fi only version the prices are on par with the previous iPad.  $499 will get you the 16 gb model and the 32 and 64 gb models will come in at $599 and $699. For the mobile data versions the price will start at $629 for the 16gb version then move on to $729 and $829 for the larger.

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