Apple Ready To Talk Licensing With Competitors And Drop Lawsuits?

| March 6, 2012 | Reply

I know that Steve Jobs wanted to go “thermonuclear” on his war against Android, but unfortunately he is no longer with us. Now it appears as we wrote about here months ago Apple’s shareholders are ready to make money instead of lose money on the patents they own. Apple has spent about $250 million as of now on lawsuits and has yet to win any significant lawsuits or stop sales of any devices indefinitely. Apple is looking to score between $5-15 for every device made by competitors like Motorola and Samsung. This is probably the best move they can make for profitability because I honestly don’t see Apple losing money to competitors. For all of us and my fingers that get tired of writing about lawsuits let’s hope this all gets solved int he coming months and we canĀ  just pay more every two years for a device rather than read 8 articles a day about who peed in whose cheerios that day.

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