Canon Announces The 5d Mark III. You Will Want One, Can’t Afford One

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As a photographer I often see people buy things they don’t need. They will go buy a DSLR and leave it on Auto mode and Auto Focus all the time. Doing that pretty much means you’ve wasted your money and you’d be better off with a really nice point and shoot or zoom camera for a lot less money. The Canon 5dMkII was a camera that has been bought by many people for $2500 that certainly never used it to the cameras potential. When we caught wind the 5Dmkiii was coming out we speculated that the MkII would come down in price to make room for the new model. But Canon went ahead and laid those ideas to rest by pricing the upgrade at a steep $1000 premium over it’s full frame little brother.

What you get for $3500 is nothing short of a great camera. 22 megapixels, a 61point cross type autofocus(for those who need it), ISO up to 51,200 and down to 50. The camera comes with the new digic5 processor by Canon that should be the standard for the company for a few years to come. It seems the biggest improvement over the MkII will be in the video processing and recording which may or may not appeal to most users. The camera will also bring an auto HDR function, but has stuck with the quite weak 3 shot bracketing that Canon is known for. I am not sure most people witht he MkII will see the upgrade to be enough to purchase the new camera slated for release in April. Photographers are the bragging type though, and may need it just because “its newer”.


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