CAT, The Company Known For Making Gigantic Dump Trucks, Makes A Tiny Android Phone

| March 8, 2012 | Reply

You would think when a company as awesome as CAT decides to make a phone they would want something big and tough and powerful. They have the tough part correct with their new phone, the B10. The phone has received an IP67 certification for resistance to dust, scratches and water. It’s also much better looking than those Casio tough phones, ick. But looks and certifications is where it stops. On the inside the phone sports just a 3.2 inch screen and a single core 800mhz processor. The phone does offer a 5mo cameras and a front facing camera which is just as good as I can say is on my big shiny Nexus. On the software side you will get Android 2.3.5 on the B10, but CAT says the phone will get the ICS treatment in the future. The phone should be out in May and will run about $500 off contract.

Source: The Verge

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