Google I/O Tickets To Go On Sale March 27. For About Double The Price Of Last Year

| March 13, 2012 | Reply

Google has added a third day to its developer conference, Google I/O and the conference will run from June 27-29. To cover the cost the price of admission has jumped from $500 to $900. I imagine this will also help stop some of the people who go just to get the free offerings and have nothing to do with real development of Google API’s. See, when the people who think they should be there (read:rom developers and fanbois) go and buy tickets to the event the day they come out and the event sells out within one hour it pretty much locks out other people who might be more deserving to go. So bumping the price to just under a grand plus the cost of hotel and travel should help calm that down just a little bit. I doubt at this price it will sell out within an hour like last year, but it still probably wont last a day.

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