Google Play Tab Now At The Top Of Your Google Pages Header

| March 26, 2012 | Reply

When you go to just about any Google page, you get this nice black header with quick links to open a new tab on your browser to whichever link you click. It’s pretty nice and convenient and I us it often. I just noticed this afternoon the play tab has been added with a “new” moniker next to it. When you click it, the play store comes up of course. It’s a nice addition for those of us who have android devices, although I don’t see it being used often. Can I read the book or watch the movie I want right inside my Firefox browser? Or play Angry Birds Space in said browser? Nah, that would make too much sense. What they need to do is get Chrome to sync perfectly with your phone where the browser can open an ebook and wherever you leave off reading in said browser, your phone will open to that spot. Same with movies or games.  I know I am going across all kinds of api’s and apps here but it is entirely possible with Chrome plug-ins. It is good that Google is making a push for its market to become used more for music and movies, but it could be better. Right now, I am not even sure if I buy a song it will head right to my music account from Google.

Also, a lot of people downloaded Angry Birds Space.

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