Hacking Group Lulzsec Ratted Out By Their Leader

| March 6, 2012 | Reply

In the “this should come as no surprise” or “straight out of the movies” news we get word that the top leaders of the group Lulzsec have been taken down by the FBI. How did they catch such great masterminds who hacked the CIA, Sony, FBI, and hundreds of law enforcement groups across America? Oh you know, the same way the FBI always wins: Find the weakest link and turn them into a rat. This time it came way of the group’s leader who was arrested back in June and entered a plea deal in August has spent all of his time since then tricking his former friends and the media into thinking he was against the FBI and everything they stood for. Hector Xavier Monsegur(pictured below) has turned in all of the main hackers associated with the group and I hoe he has some kind of agreement to change his identity at some point because hackers seem to never forget. Either way, say goodbye to lulzsec and the mischief they were up to. Members of Anonymous have also been arrested in waves since the time of his arrest making you wonder just how many people he has turned over to the FBI. While it was fun to watch, exposing millions of innocent peoples credit card numbers probably deserves some punishment. Never trust anyone over the internet. EVER.

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