Remember In Jurassic Park When Scientists Cloned Extinct Giant Animals And It Worked Out Well? It’s Going To Happen For Real

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What could possibly go wrong, right?! In South Korea a company signed an agreement with a cloning expert to resurrect the extinct wooly mammoth, that died off about 4500 years ago. how exactly does one go about cloning a woolly mammoth? The scientists plan to replace the nuclei of elephant egg cells with those of a mammoth, producing embryos with mammoth DNA. Then, those embryos will be planted into the wombs of elephants for delivery. The mammoth cells would come from internal organs, skin, bones and blood. The issue they have right now is finding well-preserved tissue with undamaged genes. It sounds to me like that may be close to impossible since, you know…the 4500 years ago thing. But who knows! If you think that cloning is that unheard of, in South Korea scientists have already cloned a dog, cat, pig, cow and a wolf. It would be kind of cool to go to some gigantic zoo to see a huge animal that was once extinct. Oh wait….

Source: Time

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