Samsung Wants To Remind You That Galaxy Tablets Are Better Than The New iPad. But They Aren’t

| March 8, 2012 | 1 Reply

Samsung has some really nice tablets out there. They are thin, light, fast and priced slightly lower than the competition over at Apple. While all of that may be true, and the information in this chart are true, Android tablets in general just suck in comparison to iPads. How is that possible when the Samsung has better specs? Well, software of course. The iPad software isn’t better per say as Android offers more ability out of the box. But that is where the competition ends. With Apple reporting over 200,000 apps specifically designed for tablets it leaves Android in the dust. Android has maybe 1000. And that may be very generous. Take away games from that and the number is simply pitiful. Just like Apple boasted in the presser yesterday most apps that work on Android tablets aren’t optimized for said tablets and they look like stretched versions of phone apps. How can this be fixed? With a massive effort by Google which may happen this year. Eric Schmidt said at MWC that he is going to “double down” on Android tablets this year. I hope he meant by helping vendors as well as working on the native software that comes with an Android tablet. I have had no less than six Android tablets and I would still prefer the original iPad to them.

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  • Todd Tabern says:

    In Samsung’s defense this specific graphic is comparing the Galaxy Note 10.1 with the new iPad as far as “Content Creation”. This doesn’t seem to be them saying the whole Galaxy line of tablets is better, although I’m sure they think they are.