The FBI Cannot Get Past A Criminals Android Pattern Unlock To Examine Phone

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I do not use any type of password or pattern unlock on my phone because I feel I have nothing to hide and it seems to be more of an annoyance to me than anything. After reading this I may if I decide to start doing criminal things that might get the FBI after me. Dante Dears was arrested and accepted a waiver in exchange for favorable parole terms. When the FBI thought Dante was up to something bad again the demanded his phone, which he turned over as required by the waiver. What the FBI found was a pattern unlock and tried 20 times to solve it before the password lockout was triggered. BEcause of the lock the FBI had to go get a warrant to forcibly unlock the phone. Now the FBI has sent a subpoena to Google to get access to the phone to try to extract all kinds of information from it which they won’t find. So if you are up to something that you might find yourself in trouble for like pimping out a minor as this man did make sure you use some pattern unlock on your phone and it may help you out, temporarily anyway.

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