The IDC Once Again Tells Us Android Tablets Will Overtake iPad Sales, Adds a Couple Years To The Timeline

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The IDC seems to be about as reliable as these Android only websites who post every rumor just so they can link back to the one out of one hundred are true later on. The Galaxy S3 is coming…in March, April, May and every other month until it does show up, right guys? The boys over at the IDC who first said Android would overtake iOS tablet sales by the end of 2012 are now saying that might not be until 2015 sometime. Which this estimate is a little more believable, I am still a doubting Thomas. For now and at least for this year the new iPad is king. Not to mention every school and even the Air force eyeballing the lowered iPad 2 price.

Android is of course gaining in market share right now because it seems every company I can name has a tablet. Lackluster sales and oft complaints should put an end to most of these guys with their cash grab sometime this year. With that market share growth Apple is still selling more iPads than ever and it doesn’t seem to be slowing. 55 Million sold in 2011 and estimates put 2012 sales of tablets for Apple around the 70 million range. I would think it may be even higher. Head over to the link provided to read what the IDC has to say and take it for what it’s worth which isn’t a lot.

Source: IDC

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