The New iPad Can Run As A LTE Hotspot for 25 Hours

| March 26, 2012 | Reply

Most if not all cellphones with LTE technology can run as mobile hotspots. For example, I use wifi tether on my Galaxy Nexus from time to time. When I do, my car charger cannot keep up with the battery drain and I would estimate about three hours of use as a hotspot before my battery would be kaput. When I read the new iPad would last over 24 hours as a hotspot I was astounded. The battery is three times the size of my phone of course, but not 8 times the size. Now, to get the iPad to last that long a series of events needs to take place. You cannot use the iPad because having the screen on will kill it quickly. You must also disable push notifications and push emails. Chances are though if you are tethering to a laptop you will get those on the laptop. No word on how hot the ipad gets after 24 hours of tethering, but it is impressive either way.

Via: The Verge

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