The Nikon D3200 Will Boast A 24MP Sensor; May Be The Best Entry Level DSLR

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The Nikon D3100 is a nice camera. It has many features for around $550 you can’t find in cameras close to the price. Canons counterpart, the t3i comes in about $150 more expensive and lacks some features the Nikon gives you such as auto HDR. The t3i does offer some advantages that are hard to ignore based on what type of photography you are a fan of. Traditionally Nikon has stuck with a smaller MP count to keep higher ISO looking crisp. Newer processors have been able to combat some higher ISO noise but on digital cameras there will always be a limit to just how high of a MP count you can get without losing image quality in low light.

It seems this year Nikon has thrown the book out on the lower MP idea and is set to bring out the D3200, a 24MP shooter that should come in well under $1000. The camera will give you an iso range of 100-6400 and offer 11 Autofoucs points. The camera will feature built-in wi-fi and better video features as well. The camera should be announced some time next month and will likely ship soon after. We will see what Canon has in store for the entry-level to mid range DSLR consumer this summer. If you have been looking to upgrade your current DSLR or thinking of buying a new one, this is one of those grey times where you should wait and see what the next few weeks brings in terms of new technology.

Source: NikonRumors

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