Turns Out The New iPad Is Cooler Than Your Android Tablet. In Temperature, That Is.

| March 26, 2012 | Reply

A bunch of hype came about last week when Consumer Reports showed that the new iPad was operating at a temperature higher than the ipad 2. A whole ton of websites reported about it and the hype even went so far that people pretended they couldn’t even handle the new iPads. Well, turns out in further testing the Kindle Fire by Amazon is even hotter than the iPad when performing labor intensive tasks. Now when running a game for 45 minutes the iPad did heat up to about 116 degrees, but that still isn’t warm enough to burn anyone’s bare hand. I know a lot of people bought the iPad, so any news relating to this or anyhing Apple having issue is a hot button topic for gathering hits, but lets all cool it for a moment and let the iPad dominate the market the way it should.

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