Verizon Tells The FCC It Needs More LTE Spectrum Before They Run Out The Same Day They Announce “Wireless Broadband For The Home”

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I am pretty sure that Super Bowl commercial I saw a few years back for that depicted a bunch of monkeys running the company was fashioned after two companies: RIM and Verizon. While RIM has all but killed the Blackberry name, Verizon keeps pressing on. But they do things like this once in a while that leave you asking yourself how they are still in existence. First, there was news that Verizon went to the FCC and warned them they may be out of wireless spectrum for LTE services as soon as next year. Sprint, ATT have filed documents suggesting that Verizon is attempting to monopolize the wireless high-speed market by expanding too far.

So in an effort for Verizon to prove they aren’t trying to monopolize anything they go ahead and announce a wireless LTE service for home to launch this year. Now, I may not be the brightest balloon in the bunch but I would think if my company were running out of resources I wouldn’t go ahead and try to expand that resource before having the means to do this. I am sure it will look great to the FCC to see what Verizon is up to. The wireless broadband at home service is going to be costly, so be prepared if you just thought it was a great idea. The starter package runs $60 for just 10GB of data. The top-tier service will run you $120 per month and only allow you 30GB per month. While this is a good idea for homes that cannot reach broadband, those homes don’t really have LTE service either.

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