Best Buy CEO Resigns And The Company Is Losing Money By The Millisecond, So They Make Returns More Difficult

| April 11, 2012 | Reply

I am pretty sure Best Buy hasn’t been paying much attention to the guys over at RIM lately. Best Buy’s profits are half of what they were two years ago. That’s a major loss considering this is supposed to be the time when the economy is recovering. RIM(Blackberry) went through the same kind of dramatic loss in profit an may never recover. One thing that has appeased investors for now is the resignation of the companies CEO, Brian Dunn. The company recently announced they were going to be focusing on smaller stores and online sales which may require a whole new set of people running the company.

So what is the first thing the company will do to help increase profits? Only allow customers to return one item every 90 days, and scanning your drivers license to make sure they keep up with you. I understand the move is to protect the company from scammers but it’s just not the right time to implement such a policy. At Lowe’s, if you return something without a receipt they take your license as well and store the information. If you have more than two returns a week you name is flagged in the system and you get some special attention in stores if you are spotted. That may be the idea that BBY will follow, but it’s just poor timing. More and more customers are turning away from you and looking online for purchases, don’t make your already terrible return policy more aggravating best buy.

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