Space Shuttle Discovery Will Fly Around Washington, DC At Just 1500 Feet

| April 11, 2012 | Reply

The headline may have been a bit off, but not at the same time. As everyone knows, manned space shuttle launches paid for the the US government are a thing of the past. Of the five shuttles that have attempted a launch into space only three made it back to earth successfully every time. There are 6 shuttles in total, but one never made a space flight. The remaining shuttles are retired and will find resting places in various museums across the US. April 17th, space shuttle Discovery will be flown around the DC area at just 1500 ft. The shuttle will be placed on top of a 747, but will still be very visible from the ground. This will mark one of if not the last time to see one of the United States’ biggest accomplishments doing what it should be, flying. If you are a fan of NASA, space or just aircraft in general go hang out in DC next week and find a good zoom lens to grab a picture you can show while telling stories of when you saw the end of an era. NASA will also be streaming the event live on their website.

Source: NASA

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