When You Combine 35,000 Photos Taking 7 Months To Capture, You Get An Amazing Video [video]

| April 11, 2012 | Reply

The video is named Asylum, because it was shot in an old abandoned asylum of course. The makers of this video took the time to snap over 35k photos using time-lapse and HDR photography to bring a feel that is truly creepy and beautiful at the same time. Living Detroit, I get to spend a lot of time photographing inside abandoned and desolate looking places. Seeing this makes me a bit jealous I have not thought of trying to put something together like this. I think I am more surprised none of my friends with their swanky 5dmkII’s or even my one snotty friend with his mkIII haven’t made mention of doing this. The mkIII guy is actually really nice and makes great videos, that was a bit of jealous name calling. Take a few minutes to check the video out, and hopefully you can appreciate it as much as I did. You may need to have spent time in places like this or have spent hours and hours getting one good HDR shot as many of us have to appreciate the video fully, but you will like it either way. The music is decent as well.

Via: Gizmodo

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