After 1600 Questions Google Voice Search Works Well And Siri Is Just A Marketing Machine

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I met some friends last weekend at a small space where they were sharing a bottle of wine. The four of them all had iPhones. When someone brought up Siri they all agreed it was useless and garbage. I figured they were just being a little harsh and that it must work well. Samuel L Jackson thinks so! Well, not so much says a study conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. This guy is generally pro Apple just to make that clear. After 1600 questions it appears the Siri pretty much just directs you to Yelp and ads for places near you, where Google Search actually gives you the information you want. For an example this is how some results showed up for Siri:

When did the movie Cinderella come out? Responded with a movie theater search on Yelp.

What spices are in Lasagna? Responded with a Yelp search with lasagna on the menu.

I want to go to Lake Superior? Responded with directions to the company Lake Superior X-Ray.

Google answered correctly 86% of the time and Apple just 68% of the time. I guess when Siri first started it was much more accurate but has been continually tweaked to sound more like a saleswoman than a virtual assistant. It seems that this is the exact sort of thing Steve Jobs would never allow on one of his devices. It sounds like something he would blame Google of doing. But he’s dead. The new Apple is starting to show small cracks such as this since the Passing of Steve. Lets hope that in iOS6 they correct Siri now that Google has seemingly trumped it.

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