Amazon Prepping Two New Tablets, But Google Just won The Tablet Race And Killed The Fire

| June 28, 2012 | Reply

The Kindle Fire came out late last year and sold like crazy. In the past few months sales of the $199 tablet have stalled and Amazon has been rumored to be working on a follow up to the success of the Fire. Sadly for Amazon, the Kindle Fire is going to be a one hit wonder. The new kindle fire will debut at $199 knocking last years version down to $149. The new 7 inch fire will still tout a dual core processor but will add a metal casing to the body. A 10 inch model will bring quad core performance and a front facing camera and likely cost $299. These tablets are set to be announced at the end of July.

The problem with this is that Google has started a war with everyone out there. This war includes a fight with Amazon. You can consider Amazon the Japan of WW2 and Apple the Germany against the US. While the main fight is with Apple, Google has taken to Amazon since they attacked Google first with creating their own appstore. Since then, Google has added books, movies, magazines, music and now a tablet to compete with Amazon. The new Nexus 7 tablet is what most Android users have been hoping for. A pure Google tablet (don’t yell at me about the xoom it doesn’t count) that gets the latest updates right away and keeps the low price no contract deal that Google is known for. At $199 with a quad core processor, first rate graphics gpu and high res screen Google has THE tablet to want. Andy Rubin did mention yesterday that the tablet will come to retail outlets but they will not control pricing to those outlets. Even if a company like Best Buy sold it for $249 it’s worth the upgrade price for most consumers.

The two issues that Google still has with their stock tablets will remain with the Nexus 7. The look and feel of a large phone in the UI, and poor tablet optimized app support. Maybe Google really will go all out in getting developers on board as they promised last year now that they need to sell a ton of tablet themselves. Google is selling these tablets at cost, so the wide adoption and play store use is needed for this tablet to be a success. If most people buy the tablet and don’t pay for anything in the play store, the tablet is a failure on a pretty large level. Time will tell.

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