Apple Granted Injunction Against US Galaxy Nexus

| June 29, 2012 | Reply


Apple has been fighting since February to stop sales of the Galaxy nexus here int he USA. Today A judge granted them the injunction banning the Nexus from sales here in the US. Does that mean you can’t go buy one? No. It just means there will be more fighting in court. If this follows through and the ban is enacted it would be a major win for Apple who has the patent for slide to unlock even though they didn’t invent it. There isn’t more information right now but we will update this info as it comes in. Apple has been granted a similar ban against the Galaxy Tab and is currently fighting the Galaxy S3 banned as well.

EDIT: Apple will have to post a $96 million dollar bond to stop sales of the phone, which is quite a lot considering it was just $2 million to stop the Galaxy Tab. It’s also a lot considering the Nexus is nearing the end of sales with the release of the Galaxy S3.

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