Gears Of War 4: Judgement To Be Released March 19th, 2013. Video Of New “OverRun” Mode Out

| July 14, 2012 | Reply

Gears of War 4: Judgement is actually a prequel to the previous games. Hopefully it’s better than some other prequels we have seen in years past(star wars).  In the video shows at Comic-Con you get to see a new multiplayer mode called OverRun. The goal is for the cogs to protect a generator and the locusts to destroy it. There are different weapons classes with special abilities on each side. This mode looks to be a more teamwork based mode than previously seen on gears. Looks like it should be fun. The game also has a release date now of May 19, 2013. Looks like they won’t be waiting for the holiday season to boost sales. They don’t need to. Everyone with an Xbox is likely to purchase this game either way.


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