Gizmoninja Has A New Look!

| July 17, 2012 | Reply

Well, I am sure you’ve noticed already. But we have undergone a complete site overhaul to bring the site up to date with the current trend of a more basic, easy to read styletype. In addition to just looking new in your computer browser, some other changes were made under the hood:

  • A new theme with less plugins which has resulted in about a 30-40% increase in the speed of the site on first loading and loading full stories
  • Variable sizing- Moving to make the site more mobile compatible and use less weight the site will now auto size to your resolution even if you are on a mobile phone
  • Interactive SlideDeck – The embedded slidedeck is now swipe-able on touchscreens to allow faster quick browsing of the newest articles
  • Better categorization – On the right you will see a category drop down. This should be easier to find more specific news that you are interested in
  • New logo! – Thanks to our resident design Guru we are working on a new design which has already appeared but is still being improved upon to reflect the new look of the site
  • Easier feedback and comments – Now you can comment just by being logged into facebook. We will never stalk your page, try to add you, or post on your wall without your permission
  • Easier sharing- A new floating sidebar for sharing anything you feel is worthy

Things we are still working on:

  • Better tagging – The auto tags we get now from a plugin aren’t too precise or useful. We are looking for a way to improve upon this
  • More tutorials – Who doesn’t like a good Howto?
  • Less bloat – We still have too many plugins and extra code. We want the site to load instantaneously
  • Less down time – While we do have our own dedicated server, it seems once a week or so we are hit with downtime. We are working on solving this with as little pain as possible

So thank you to everyone who has supported the site and who still does. We hope you like the changes as they are coming along and feel free to contact us though any social outlet or the submit a tip link at the top if you have any thoughts or ideas for us.


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