Google And Samsung To Join Forces In Fighting Apple

| July 2, 2012 | Reply

Since Friday evening when we found out Apple was awarded an injunction against the Galaxy Nexus it appears all tech news is concerning lawsuits. It’s my least favorite thing to write about just over rumors, but we need to bring information to the people. Because Samsung isn’t happy with the injunction and Google needs Samsung for Android to survive, they will be joining together to force some issues onto Apple. They will join up in a move to get more royalties from Apple for patents they own together. It sounds like the two are about ready to demand more licensing deals from Apple.

Concerning the iPhone 5 that is due sometimes soon, it has come to light recently that Samsung owns about 90% of the patents relating to 4g LTE technology here in the US. Maybe that is why the iPhone 4s stayed away from going 4g. But with the demand of the market Apple will have no choice but to play nice with Samsung on licensing to get LTE on the next I devices. It looks like the war is far from over between the two.

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