Hackers Can Steal Your New Keyless BMW In 3 Minutes

| July 10, 2012 | Reply

If you have a BMW and a keyless fob/entry system you might want to be a little worried. Thieves can get into your car, hook up to your ODB and through a series of exploits, reprogram a key fob to your cars. This pretty much makes it as if they had the key from your keyring in their hands. The worst part: it only takes about 3 minutes to do so. The UK has been struck recently by a spike in missing BMW keyless models. One person who lost his BMW to a thief was able to get a security camera video of his car being made off with. BMW is aware of the issue and doesn’t seem to concerned about the issue by saying “The battle against increasingly sophisticated thieves is a constant challenge for all car makers. Desirable, premium-branded cars, like BMW and its competitors, have always been targeted”. The problem is it seems way too easy for BMW’s in particular to be hacked. The only way to disable this is by disconnecting your ODB from the plugs which you probably don’t know how to do. That will also void the warranty on your car. Check the video below to see just how fast your new BMW can disappear. I have a keyless car that is programmed and charged via the ignition/odb. I have personally programmed new keys with a simple trick. I didn’t know it was so simple to make an entirely new key without having an old one. If this is a major concern of yours, go to your local BMW dealer and ask them to disable your ODB.

Via: ZDNet


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