Holy Crap! The Worlds First Christian Tablet Released

| July 12, 2012 | Reply

Family Christian Edifi is a new tablet to enter the market. But this is no ordinary tablet, this is the worlds first Christian tablet. The company who made it is targeting the Kindle Fire with a $149 price tag. But lets look at the hardware:

  • 7″ TFT (resistive) touchscreen
  • 512mb of ram
  • Android OS
  • 8gb built in memory
  • Built in bible app
  • Built in Chrsitian Radio
  • Safe Searchbrowser

Now I understand that the company wants to directly target the Kindle Fire, but come on. A tft screen for $150? Resistive screens are reserved for $50 tablets that are on those Chinese websites. You can get an Android 4.0 tablet with a capacitive screen for $100 at Big Lots that would blow this thing out of the water. Not to mention this safe search browser. How safe is it? Did they just enable Google safe search? If so, it’s not safe at all. I won’t get into religious views or debate, but a company shouldn’t try to make money off of a sub-par tablet with some free apps installed in the name of God. If you would like to check the tablet out, head over to the company web site.

Source: Fox News


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