HOW TO: Root Verizon Galaxy S3 And Add Custom Recovery Without DownloadingThe Google SDK Or Knowing ADB (UPDATE)

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I am going to try to help all of you new Verizon Galaxy S3 owners gain root access to your phone as well as add a custom recovery. If you head over to XDA you will see these instructions but you may be intimidated by seeing ADB commands in the process. If you haven’t used ADB before and Google how to install it you will be told you need to download the Google sdk which takes about 40 minutes and a couple gigs on your hard drive. I will walk you through a barebones way to get this done with minimal downloading. I still advise at some point you learn more about ADB commands, but we will save that for later.

First: The files you need.I have placed them all in a rar file which you can download here.

  1. Samsung USB and ADB Drivers
  2. Odin
  3. ADB Files
  4. Stock Rooted Image (torrent)
  5. Recovery (TWRP for this tutorial)

When you download and open the rar file install the USB Driver EXE file right away. Next get the torrent file going for the stock rooted image for the phone. This will download the Image you need to gain root. When it is done downloading, move it to your desktop.

Lets get the right files in the right place. UPDATED: ADB zip and TWRP files no longer needed. Easier method explained below.  Next grab the Odin file and move it to your desktop and extract it there. When the torrent file is done downloading move that to the desktop as well and extract it to the desktop. Now that we have the drivers installed and files in place lets get on to root and recovery.


  • 1.Connect your phone to your computer via USB and put your S3 in download mode (make sure battery is over 60% when you do this). You can do this by powering off the device, then holding the volume down and home keys while pressing power. Hold the buttons while the phone starts until you see a screen warning you that you are entering download mode. Let go of all buttons and press volume up to agree. Your phone will show that it is now in download mode.
  • 2. Open Odin as Administrator. Press the PDA button and select the stock vzw root66 file that you extracted to the desktop earlier. This should be a .tar file. Select no other options and press start. The flashing process will take about 6-8 minutes to complete and the phone will reboot. When the phone reboots it will have root access. You can test this by downloading a root app like titanium backup or root explorer. The root part is done. You can now unplug your phone.

(RECOVERY) Updated: No longer needADB at all for recovery. You can skip placing the adb or twrp files anywhere.

  • 1. In Play store find the Goomanager app and install it. Allow root access
  • 2.Press menu, install openrecovery script, and confirm yes. This will automgically download and install the latest TWRP for your phone. Thats it.

That’s it. you should reboot into recovery and from there you can flash whatever is available you would like to or you can just reboot the phone and wait for roms and kernels to show up in the forums. Hopefully this helps anyone who didn’t want to spend the time or was a little worried about needing to know ADB to get this working.

Thanks: XDA Thread for rooting/recovery

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