IPAA Is The New SOPA – SOPA Is Back

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Remember the giant backlash from SOPA and how everyone came together and the bill was killed? Well the creator of the bill, Lamar Smith, is back with a new bill that is very similar. What is not similar is that it spreads even further with more power. It is worse than SOPA. It’s called the Intellectual Property Attache Act which I will call IPAA. Once again Lamar Smith is trying to fast track this through congress attached to another bill to avoid any debate.

The specifics of the bill appear to go further than the version in SOPA. It is clear that the bill itself is framed from the maximalist perspective. There is nothing about the rights of the public, or of other countries to design their own IP regimes. It notes that the role of the attaches is: to advance the intellectual property rights of United States persons and their licensees;

The bill also “elevates” the IP attaches out of the US Patent and Trademark Office, and sets them up as their own agency, including a new role: the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property. Yes, we’ll get another IP Czar, this time focused in the Commerce Department.

When even the USTR is recognizing the importance of limitations and exceptions to copyright, to have Congress push a bill that basically ignores limitations and exceptions and only looks to expand Hollywood’s special thugs within the diplomatic corp. seems like a huge problem.

This bill is set to be unveiled today and let’s hope there is as much of or more of a backlash from the internet community on this one. Someone needs to start a campaign to get Lamar Smith out of power as soon as possible. If you would like to contact Lamar Smith you can find the information needed on his web page.

Source: Techdirt

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